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More People Than Ever Are Buying Weed Online

Let’s face it – people are obsessed with buying pretty much everything they need online. From art supplies to clothing products, medicine and even diapers, online shopping changed a lot of habits. However, a new study has revealed that marijuana is no exception to the shopping trends.
In other words, more and more people are buying weed online. The study is named “Online Sales Of Marijuana: An Unrecognized Public Health Dilemma” was published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine and marks the first time in history that someone analyzed online marijuana sales by looking at the Internet searches and the resulting links.

The Number Of Online Searches For Weed And Marijuana Is Growing Every Year

By examining Google searches from 2005 to 2017, the study found keywords like “marijuana” and “weed” in combination with verbs like “buy” and “shop” were isolated – and other irrelevant searches were eliminated. What remained were a dozen search terms that actually relate to buying weed online.
As we already mentioned, the study took 12 years. However, over the past couple of years, the trends for purchasing marijuana online have increased by a whopping 199%. In June 2017, there were around 2.4 million searches for keywords related to buying weed online – in a single month.

People Are Not Only Searching – They Are Buying Weed Online Too

Aside from only searching, people are actually buying weed online. There are so many online weed dispensaries, marijuana shops and eCommerce stores selling cannabis. In times when recreational marijuana is still illegal in 41 out of 50 US states, even in the nine legal states buying weed online is still illegal.
There are shops that let you pick your weed and place an order online – and the entire process lets you fake your age or other information when buying weed online. This has been a problem for many people so far.

A Final Word

In the end, the biggest concern in the entire situation is the presence of scammers and law enforcement. After all, it is very easy to get ripped off by trying to buy weed online. In the best case scenario, though, you should stick to a reliable online marijuana dispensary or store and make regular purchases.

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